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Age Verification

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:51 pm
by Loz
This is a post more aimed at other online retailers who no doubt pop in here from time to time.

We've been given a short period of time to get our industry in order with regard to age verification.

Mastercard and Visa Credit Cards are now issued to persons as young as 12 under the prepay system, and there is no way to differentiate between the various types of Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards. It is essential that this consideration is taken into account when implementing your age verification system, personally, we left card type behind years ago and have moved into full identity checking, a service offered by several companies including We could also do with trading standards support in requesting access to the full unedited Electoral Role which is currently only accessible for financial and anti-money laundering purposes.

Feel free to email me and we'll happily assist you with regards to improving your system.

Lawrence Taylor
Blades UK Ltd