Kenjutsu Renmei Essex and UK

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Kenjutsu Renmei Essex and UK

Post by Shihan » Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:35 am

I found this site when recently looking for a practical katana for tamashigeri practice. What an excellent site for like-minded ken enthusiasts.
I decided to buy the Hanwei forge XL light katana, it has it's obvious highs and low points, for which I will write a review within the correct forum later.
For those interested parties living within Essex, Suffolk or Cambridge, there is a sword school training every Sunday from 1200hrs to 1300hrs in Tiptree Essex. It is a traditional school and offers training with katana, shoto, naginata, nagamaki and the tate yumi (bow). Traditional dress is worn and the etiquette and tenents of Bushido are followed. We welcome interest from any ken enthusiast to visit us and train with us. If you are interested, pse call me on 01440 785722. This ryu has recommendations from Bear Grylls and Eton College Windsor, where I taught for eight years as shihan.

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