Trusted & Age Verified Couriers

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Trusted & Age Verified Couriers

Post by Mellony » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:42 pm

Hey folks,

Hope everyone is well!

I quit Facebook in January and I’m missing Lanrys rants and Loz’s updates on the legal nonsense & was wondering how it’s all going?

Last I heard there was debate on amending the proposed laws for Trusted / Age Verified Couriers - did anything come of that?

And Mick, did you ever do anything with that dreadful Koto Nodachi - last we spoke you’d got the Tsuba off and had plans to shorten the blade?

Glad to see the rumours of Moons demise had been greatly exaggerated - still think of the old fella every time I look at my Bushido Kat / Wak sat on the katanakake he gave me! Still turns heads that one :)


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Re: Trusted & Age Verified Couriers

Post by the blade master » Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:11 pm

well hi there mell

no I havnt done anything with the nodachi it serves me in anther purpose
I use it to try out all my polishing tecniques on swords/katanas/sabers
I get just in case any have marks on them that need to be got rid of
all the best

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