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Post by Hatamoto » Mon Jul 17, 2006 7:44 pm

It's a shame, it'd be impressive indeed if it was real, impressively stupid, perhaps, though, lol.

I saw a movie a while ago, it was part of the Star Wars Kid phenomenon.. I did a search for Street Fighter, I think I was searching for the game's music, or something.. came across this video of a street fight, where apparently a gang called this guy a skater fag, or something. The guy just pulls off his t shirt, dives into a haymaker to the first guy, and he just piles through the whole gang, lol. If I can find it, if I still have it, I'll put it on youtube for y'all to gawk at, but I don't think I have it.. Really was impressive, though.

Got another video in a car park, bunch of people around, figure it was part of some concert, or something maybe, something similar... but the guy has no mercy for the one he's ripping apart, lol. It's mostly standy uppy stuff, too, which from what I've heard is pretty rare for a street fight... it's kinda like a raw boxing match, minus the jab and cross *Grins* All hooks, all the time lol. Pretty intense to watch. Will see if I still have that one, too. It's nout too graphic, don't think there's even blood,m but it's pretty tough looking.

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