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Post by Blackbird » Tue Mar 14, 2006 5:11 pm

The Green Man wrote:
Blackbird wrote:
The Green Man wrote:Hello, are you really a queen? And is it in the regal sense or the Kenneth Wiliams sense? I can think of no way in which you could be wolven, unless a) your body is covered in hair or b) you miss typed the word woolen.

lol are you really A. green or B. a Diety? 8) (K)
Yes, of course I am, and I've put some scraps on the bird table for you 8)
Tweet tweet, hop hop 8)
Blade with whom I have lived
Blade with whom I shall die
Strike once dear heart
And then Goodbye
Logan wrote:Its not always the tape I find the trickiest. I gotta admit, I spent a good 10minutes trying to get into my Willie! Was trying to work out where ends were, flaps, openings, how it came apart...lol thought I was never gonna get in! :D

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