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Site Upgrades

Post by Loz » Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:47 pm

I'm thinking a javascript shopping basket rather than the cookie based system we currently use, that will allow you to add items in real time and see the basket at the top of the page.

Rather than larger images opening in a new window, I was thinking have them open in the same window, and click on the image to close it

Confirmation email directly from us rather than just our payment provider is something I'll add too (though I've always disliked receiving multiple emails with the same info in)

Any other ideas anyone ?

Geordie Ross
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Re: Site Upgrades

Post by Geordie Ross » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:02 pm

They are all good ideas, I'd prefer the Images to pop up on the same page
You could also utilise the space on the right hand side of the page for things like best sellers and special offers ect

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Re: Site Upgrades

Post by Mellony » Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:11 am

First and foremost, introduce a "product attributes" icon system for each product, so each item has specific icons denoting steel type, edge type (live, blunt), expected use type (wall hanger, functional etc), manufacture type (forged etc)

Then allow searching by attribute with min / max price boxes, i.e. find all functional blunt blades between £50 & £150
Loz wrote:I'm thinking a javascript shopping basket rather than the cookie based system we currently use, that will allow you to add items in real time and see the basket at the top of the page.
Storing baskets in SQL server side as opposed to cookies would be handy (and would make developing an ajax basket easier) - handy for users who dont have cookies enabled too.

And maybe add a product detail page per product, currently, links can only be provided to a large image with no details, would be better if links could be shared in forums etc with full product information as opposed to just the large pic.

and finally, perhaps add sub categories for better product clarification, perhaps where sub cats expend when you click on them, i wrote a similar menu for this website

But yea, ajax basket and product attributes + better search tools would be my vote

Edit: and perhaps add product grouping, i.e. if i am looking at the bushido kat, give me mini thumnails of the wak and tant or something

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Re: Site Upgrades

Post by crwydryny » Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:28 pm

sounds intresting.
maybe improve the search system with item types to make it easier to search for diffrent types of swords/knives. or maybe adding something like displaying simalar items. one example is where I was just searching the site for chinese swords. if I hadn't searched both Jian and tai chi I would have missed one or two swords.

another thing that could be considered is improving the description on some of the swords, as some items litterally have one or two lines which doesn't really answer any questions someone may have such as the type of tang, weight, sharp or blunt, and so forth. granted this is only a small number of items and a lot of them provide more than enough information for someone intrested in buying.

hopefully the upgrades you have planned for the shopping basket will improve things as I've noticed a few bugs while checking out the totals for postage ect where I get a "your shopping basket is empty" message or a white screen with an error message (didn't think to copy it) but looked like a scripting error in the basket software

I like the idea of the larger image opening in the same window, as it would make things less cluttered. as for the confirmation email, sounds like a good idea, as it adds to the knowledge that everything has gone through ok, as an email missing from one or the other will spark that "hey wait a minuet somethings gone wrong here" feeling and help clear things up quicker.

one possible option could be intergrating a member's forum account with the shopping basket, maybe allow an option to save details for the order form, shopping history and such. just a thought

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