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Post by LogicComet » Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:38 pm

I am posting here because my last question was ignored by moderators. I want to change some swords in my order because I included them while I was a little over-enthusiastic and when I came back to look at my ordered items I had second thoughts. They are cheap rubbish. One of them is some cheap "fantasy" wallhanger junk and the other is some laughably historically inaccurate nonsense; the reason why I included it in my order totally escapes me. I think I just saw them and got a bit giddy. I wanted to exchange them for something a bit more serious Now obviously because my order has now been shipped this can't be done at the blades uk shop so what I want to know from other members is how to best return items to the shop and what sort of turnaround time I can expect. I would really like to have changed them before my order shipped but as I said I didn't get my original forum message read by moderators.
Please don't ignore this as this is important. You didn't have to ignore my first one. I would have been okay with a "no. we can't do that".

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Post by Big Lazy » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:27 am

Sorry I cant help you as I do not work for B-UK, I am just a voluntary administrator on this forum. You will need to contact B-UK regarding this matter either via email or by phone. Contact details are available on the main website.

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