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With the private messaging facility disabled, post in here if you wish to grab a mod or admin's attention. Can also be used to get the attention of other users which keeps the rest of the forum clean of 'OI' and 'FAO' posts!

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Forum Security

Postby freedom » Mon Dec 31, 2007 2:52 pm

Hi All,

PHP boards are a playground for hackers, email harvesting software and the like so we feel it important to remind you of some simple safeguards to make the froums a safe and enjoyable place to visit. We do not recommend your primary email address being associated with the forum, we would suggest creating a free hotmail account or similar so that spam or other unwanted mails are not a problem for you, you can update the email address you use with this forum via the member profile settings once you've signed in.

Secondly , please remember this is a public forum, do not post anything you wouldn't be happy with the whole world reading.

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