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Looking to buy a Chinese sword.

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:57 pm
by bsriley
HI there, I am looking into buying a Chinese sword - Han dynasty sword or something similar.

I was looking on blades UK website and found a sword that I am interested in but am looking for a bit more information.

the sword is titled - Serpent Tai Chi Sword - its found under the functional Chinese swords section, its currently retailing for £89.

I would like to know what type of metal is used I know it says high carbon steel but some are numbered like the BUDO Qin Dynasty Sword that's labeled as 1095 high carbon steel.

I am not going to be using the sword in a stupid manor but I want to buy a fully functional sword that can cut well, not something that's going to break easy.

also as mentioned before the blade says its carbon steel, I have been told to buy Damascus steel and I will know that its Damascus because of the markings on the blade. what is the difference between carbon steel and Damascus steel?
and will it impact the swords performance?

Re: Looking to buy a Chinese sword.

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:15 am
by Lone Wolf
I've got that sword, its big, heavy with all the weight seemingly at the middle of the blade, it has some flexibility, I do not think it is a cutting sword, I only own katana and the serpant is the only Chinese sword I have but to me it doesn't feel solid enough for anything like that, maybe better off looking at a Dao.

as far as I know the only difference between demascus and carbon steel is its more decorative, if you want a big demascus sword for cutting have a look at the godfred viking sword that gets good reviews