Cold Steel Recon 1 Mini XHP

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Cold Steel Recon 1 Mini XHP

Postby Edifice » Sun Apr 19, 2015 9:58 pm

Hey guys, am new on here so hello to you all!

I have a question in regards to the new range of Cold Steel folders, specifically the Recon 1 Mini! I am In need of a good strong reliable folder and initially was going with the standard version clip point plain edge, in the new Carpenter XHP steel, that was until I realised it's almost the length of a 12" ruler and somewhat overkill for my needs, besides my trusty Esee 5 is fine in doing any heavy work that I may require. That said, I have now decided the Recon 1 Mini WILL be my next purchase and I need help deciding whether or not to wait for the newer steel version to arrive in plenty full quantities and pay the additional cost, or as I admit as I won't be putting it to any extreme use, would aus8 being easy to sharpen and the cost difference be sufficient!? I am new to good quality knives and would very much appreciate your opinions etc. I have never used an Aus8 blade and have heard great things, but I have also heard how easily the Tuff-Ex coating comes away also! I don't mind waiting and paying extra in the long term if it means both edge retention and corrosion resistance is better as again the DLC coating is from what I gather, much tougher. Again you thoughts and opinions on this would be very much appreciated!

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