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Rambo IV

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:51 am
by Swiftymorgan
Read lots of reviews on line regarding gil Hibbin's (most amusing, auto correct changed it to girl hobbies) design, United Cutlery and Master Cutlery. Lots of unboxing YouTube events of never to be used 'limited edition' knives. Have to say never really liked the knowledge that Hibben made a bunch of prototypes and no doubt spent an inordinate amount of time making the best possible distressed emergency forged edged weapon in history. Good old Johnny Rambo in the film Knocks it out in a day. Then you get all the clones and copies and comparisons 're: carbon content , film accuracy etc. Bought one other day, not a Hibben, unbranded no sheath. Not overly distressed, just some hammer marks. It is a nasty weapon if it didn't cut it would crush bones, think about trying to turn a sledge hammer into a knife. That's it, and that's what Rambo would of ended up with after a day, want realism? Get one that is quickly made, am going to rewrap grip, but with duct tape not hand tooled leather, no sheath? Good reason for that it would pull you off balance a sheath if any would need to either be bag mounted or strapped to your back, you will notice this bad boy is there.
Bought mine for £16.00. Well worth it, like I said not a Gil Hibben, but you would actually use this one rather than be worried about scratching it, it's got weight use it as a hand ax rather than a traditional machete. You could of course fork out 'real' money for the signed ones but why? Or even get a ray mears wallet breaker, but you wouldn't baton for fun with that.