Kenjutsu Renmei of England/UK

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Kenjutsu Renmei of England/UK

Postby Shihan » Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:56 pm

Konnichiwa all
I have just joined the site and would like to offer an invitation.
The KRE has reformed from it's roots some years ago in London.
Currently we have Dojo in the Leisure Centre Tiptree Essex, every Sunday morning from noon, Tuesday at Felsted Essex and with planned dojo in Ridgewell Essex
The KRE is made up from the following Ryu,
Sanada Ryu. Ni Ten Ichi Ryu. Katsumushi Ryu. Satsuma Ryu. Takenouchi Hagen Ryu. Fuma Ryu.
These are all authentic,traditional kenjutsu ryu which follow the code of Bushido during practice.
Weapons used - Bokuto - (katana and shoto) Boha -(Naginata/Nagamaki). latterly Kyujutsu (Nihon war archery) - not Kyudo.
The Ryuha are underwritten by the head of Martial Arts, Eton College Windsor ( where I taught for 8+years.) and Bear Grylls who was a student of the Sanada/Fuma Ryu, under my tuition whilst I taught in London.
Full traditional etiquette is practiced along with tachi (sword stances) supervised (Randoori) sparring with bokuto/shoto, latterly using yoroi (armour).
We have currently 8 male and 3 female deshi (students). There are various levels of progression including accreditation. The KRE training cumilates
with the Battodo - Tamashigeri.
I thought it could be beneficial to all, as this site is for kenshi (swordsmen), to invite those of you who are able to join us for training to extend your love of the ken with like minded people. We have students from Colchester, Chelmsford, Braintree, Haverhill and other local areas.
If you are interested, reply on post or telephone me on 01440 785722. (email deleted by moderator) We are planning regular Tai Kai (Festival training days) and would welcome representation from Blades UK for equipment sales.
Many thanks and best wishes

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