This sword again, practical plus katana

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This sword again, practical plus katana

Post by strifedodo » Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:25 pm

Ok i know people are probably sick of hearing about this sword.... ive only even owned 1 other sword. this was a military sabre replica. high carbon steel. full tang ect. it was beautiful apart from the fact that the blade had no edge what so ever because of a pattern down the side of the blade. which really put me off swords. well basically i want to know how sharp the sword is out of the box. i dont really want to sharpen it and i wont be doing any back yard cutting. i want mainly for display, i just like knowing that the weapon on my wall is a weapon and not for crappy display. how sharp will the blade be (if anyone whos bought the sword could tell me that would be nice) if i run my finger down it will it slice right through?? or do i have to fully press down to even get any cut. i probs will do some garden cutting knowing me.

another weird question, dies the sword feel a good length??? if you get what i mean. ive held a few one handed swords which feel very short, and sabres that feel a good length. thx for answering.

(i loved thr sabre, i just couldnt live with it being on my wall knowing it was just a chunk of metal with no edge, i mean no edge ,, it was like 5mm of square blade) im sure fellow sword nuts will understand what i mean. just how sharp is it!!! driving me mad!! i wanna order it, but i cant sharpen swords, im gonna learn i just dont want to start with my new £200 katana... ill hopefully have it on a stand, sword and sheath seperate showing off the blade,. i know others here must be just like me.. stressing over every detail.. i ahev a dagger or 2 but this is a differnt level

ohhh also im in the uk, a re there any laws against sending a sharp sword through the post?? also whats the return policy

also does the blade go all the way to the handle.. stupid question, its just that that was where the sabre i bought was likme 5mm chunk if metal with no blade. the sabre only had a slight edge and that was like a quarter of the blade at the end point, bassically... does the blade cover the entire length of stell showing, or is there only a slight edge to the blade like my sabre had.. sorry for all the questions, just excited

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Re: This sword again, practical plus katana

Post by Lone Wolf » Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:33 pm

I got one a few months ago, it looks lovely very simple but elegant. It's a good weight and feels well made, I think I could hack at a tree without fear of anything coming loose. I can not say anything about the length as I am a short arse and it's all relative. It's sharp but not that sharp, I tested it on a piece of cardboard and it cut fine just don't go expecting to be able to slice cherry blossoms in half before they hit the ground.

So in short it will look lovely on the shelf and when the next riot happens you will be able to cut the thieving hands off any "youth" who makes a b-line for your DVD player.

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