what is really best?

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Re: what is really best?

Post by wtf? » Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:31 pm

liquidator96 wrote:As I have considered saving up for the Cheness Tenchi Katana, I bid thee 'Pray Enlighten Me as to it's worth Sir'
Would it be a good investment of £300+ or would you recommend another Katana, as your Engineering & Metallurgical knowledge is well known here, your insight would be most appreciated, :D
To be honest... I cant really say. The steels are one thing, but then you heat treat them, which is a process I cant possibly see or quantify... And the type of grind affects the strength and purpose of it. So to really comment on it, I would need to be conversant in them all... And I'm really not. Depending on the heat treat they could be real beaters but loose edges quick, or retain an edge for a bit longer, but be brittle. If I knew... And could validate what exactly was done to the metal, and the quality of the fittings... I might be able to help... Anyone could. But I fear all we have is the internet speil.

The only thing I can really be certain of is that you get what you pay for... And if I were to invest, it would be on something less commonplace. For something that you personally want, crack on... But I'm not sure on investment.

As a very vauge generalisation though... Spring steels do offer a very tough medium. Just not for katana blades. For a euro sword, that relies less on pure cutting power, then its perfect... But for edge retantion and sharpness... Their just not hard enough.

Does that help at all?

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Re: what is really best?

Post by liquidator96 » Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:12 pm

Indeed it did! many thanks for the insight Wraith, it gives me more options for when I've saved up, :D

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