Size of CS Talwar & Shamshir relative to Katanas?

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Size of CS Talwar & Shamshir relative to Katanas?

Post by Mellony » Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:26 pm

I've got myself a bit of a dilemma!

I'm moving my Bushido Kat & Wak from my bedrooms 8-sword-stand (as shown here (picture is now out of date, also got the bamboo katana on there too) to a 2-sword stand downstairs in the living room - thus freeing up two free slots on my 8-sword-stand!

Thing is, i don't really have the urge to buy any more katanas - i already love the ones i have and doubt ill see any more that surpass what i already own (within my price range anyway) - BUT ive had my eyes on the ColdSteel Talwar & Shamshir for ages & would love to get those in my collection.

Problem is, are the Talwar & Shamshir too big for the 8-sword-stand / i.e. would they look silly and oversized next to the katanas?

In a nutshell, has anyone got the CS Talwar & Shamshir, if so, could they perhaps post some pics of them side by side with either the 8-sword-stand or at the very least a PPK or something similarly sized.


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Re: Size of CS Talwar & Shamshir relative to Katanas?

Post by Lone Wolf » Thu Apr 24, 2014 4:55 pm

I think that would look a bit funny next to a load of katanas it would kind of spoil the look and be better off on another stand of odds and sods imo, not that I have one, but my jian looked bad on my stand, so out of place.

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