Golden Oriole Tsuba question (Gen 1)

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Golden Oriole Tsuba question (Gen 1)

Post by Shenloanne » Mon May 19, 2014 12:47 am


I got a Golden Oriole Chen katana about 10 years ago from B-UK. At the time it was the first iteration of that sword, with a blackened copper Tsuba etc.

It and the Wakizashi (second generation) once resided on my wall but since moving in 2010 they've been kept hopped up in their scabbards and bags in my office, which understandably is a sad place for them but it's the safest place in the house.

I take them out once every year and make sure they are in good condition, clean them as per the cleaning kit instructions and then replace them in the saya.

This year I've noticed a patina starting on the copper, I'd prefer it to be the shiny copper when I first got them and I'd prefer to not take the sword apart so my question is this:

What is the best way to clean the copper parts of the Tsuba without dismantling the sword and which chemical(s) are required to do this, what would work best.

Many thanks.

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Re: Golden Oriole Tsuba question (Gen 1)

Post by the blade master » Mon May 19, 2014 12:54 pm

first thing keep the tsuka coverd with a plastic bag to avoid any polish/contaminants
coming in contact with the ito or ray skin use cotton buds to apply the polish let dry
polish off with a clean duster and your done

now a word of warning the copper is only a thin coating on top of a base metal
probably zinc/or something similar so to much polishing and the copper coating is gone
and your katana is ruined the polish to use something like brasso or some sutch
best advice I can give live with it if you start faffing on with it you,ll ruin it for ever.:D

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Re: Golden Oriole Tsuba question (Gen 1)

Post by Lone Wolf » Mon May 19, 2014 5:40 pm

If its a copper layer on a base metal I wouldn't use anything abrasive, I have a copper health bracelet and I can get that shiny with a good bit of elbow grease with a dry rag, it's probably oxidation, I don't know if Renaissance wax would retard that but it might be worth a go after a polish with a cotton rag or something.

best advise I can give is give it a good polish with a dry rag, try ren wax if you have it otherwise try not to let it come into contact with skin because the natural acids and oil on your skin will just make it oxidise faster.

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