Looking for iaido/kenjutsu in Nottingham

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Looking for iaido/kenjutsu in Nottingham

Post by Engetsu » Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:39 am

Hi everyone. Newbie here. I've always been interested in swords since I was younger and have decided I want to learn how to wield one now that I have more free time. I've done some research online. What I'm looking for is a former/style that includes some drawing techniques but also prepares you for sparring with another using a sword.

I've come across Iaido but on its own it seems to only focus on drawing and cutting quickly before sheathing the blade. It also seems like it takes a long time to learn and want to be adequately proficient in roughly 6 months (but by no means am I looking to be an expert in such a short time). I don't see any videos of sparring in iaido though.

I've found Haidong Gumdo but can't find anywhere in Nottingham that seems to teach it. Its heritage seems questionable but seems to have a lot of sparring training involved (which I like).

I'd need the place to be local within Nottingham but I'm a little lost. Can anybody help me I'm my search?


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