First purchase!

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First purchase!

Post by Jessica_Zombie » Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:11 am

So, I bought two knives last for Christmas presents. The delivery was fast, and as soon as I got them I had to have a closer look. The Silent Hunter and Mini Survival knife are two beautiful knives, and its safe to say they are no longer Christmas presents. I was that excited by them, I gave them to my partner tonight. He loved them, and says that they are perfect blades! They made him unbeliveably happy, and he had a rather horny look on his face cause that's what blades do to him. Haha! The two wall hangings are going to be up on the wall with his Samurai sword smack bang in the middle. Decorating is going to evovle around it, and it's going to look fantastic!

All in all, I thankyou for having such an amazing variety, and I'll be scouting for yet another Christmas blade.

Kind regards, a very grateful Jessica. :)

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